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Seltzer Goods - Dog Stripe Boxed Notes
Seltzer Goods

Seltzer Goods - Dog Stripe Boxed Notes

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Pre-bundled in 6 packs. Suggested retail: $14.95 per box 4-bar size, 4.875" W x 3.5"H 10 folded notes & envelopes in a clear cello box Made with post-consumer recycled paper. Printed in Canada on American-made paper Receiving a hand-written note has become a special treat in today’s digital world so for our boxed stationery notes we chose a high-quality, FSC certified paper stock. We design graphics to be eye-catching and send just the right sentiment. Proud to help keep the handwritten note alive with a modern look! Keywords: dog, stripe, canine, doggy, doggo, black, thank you, thanks, folded note, stationery, folded note, set