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Embrew Tea - Jasmine Honey Green Sweetened Tea Bags
Embrew Tea

Embrew Tea - Jasmine Honey Green Sweetened Tea Bags

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This earthy, robust green tea with floral jasmine notes reminds us of a quaint little tea shop in the countryside of China's high mountains. The mystical brew is lightly sweetened with granulated honey for a perfectly balanced cup — and it makes a killer cold brew. You're a day-dreamer and want the absolute best out of life. When it comes to routine and the mundane, you want no part of it. To add adventure to the everyday, you let thoughts of far away lands and delicious foods captivate you. Brew Instructions: 10-12oz Water 185°F 3-4 minutes **Note: Do not overstep or use boiling water! Contains Caffeine. Ingredients: green tea, honey granules (refiners sugar, honey), jasmine petals Contents: 10 tea bags; makes 20 cups (steep bag up to 2 times)