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Embrew Tea - Creamy Honey Oolong Sweetened Tea Bags
Embrew Tea

Embrew Tea - Creamy Honey Oolong Sweetened Tea Bags

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This is our #1 best-selling tea above all others. And for good reason. Creamy Honey Oolong has a surprisingly bright flavor with a natural, subtle creaminess like a butter cookie. This particular, lightly oxidized green oolong pairs perfectly with granulated honey to bring out more light and smooth flavors. It's for the confident risk-taker. You are productive and you pay attention to the present moment.  You take your chances because you know those chances may never come again.  When your late day energy slumps you will want a cup of Creamy Honey Oolong to increase your alertness. Accept what is. Let go of what was. Trust in what will be.  --- Brew Instructions: 10-12oz Water 205°F 3 minutes **Note: This is a great blend for cold brewing iced tea. Contains caffeine. Ingredients: oolong green tea, honey granules (refiners sugar, honey) Contents: 10 tea bags; makes 30 cups of tea (steep up to 3 times)"