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Embrew Tea - Cocoa Berry Black Sweetened Tea Bags
Embrew Tea

Embrew Tea - Cocoa Berry Black Sweetened Tea Bags

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What's it taste like? This wake-up blend is naturally high in caffeine from the black tea, cacao and coffee fruit. Blueberry and maple notes bring balance to the lightly sweetened cup — plus, it can be enjoyed as a cold brew. Who's it for? Those of us who are fiery and full of life, but love the warmth of the bed in the morning and need a little extra help to get going. Once we get your feet on the floor and soak in some caffeine, we're unstoppable and spend the day leaving our mark on the world.  --- Contains Caffeine Contents: 10 tea bags; makes 20 cups (steep bag up to 2 times) --- More About Embrew: Our Founder, Ashley, realized she wanted more tea time (and me-time) and was determined to eliminate the hassle and guesswork of choosing from the infinite types of teas and sweeteners out there, and how to get a perfect brew every time.