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Embrew Tea - Cinnamon Oolong Chai Sweetened Tea Bags
Embrew Tea

Embrew Tea - Cinnamon Oolong Chai Sweetened Tea Bags

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What's it taste like? We put a new twist on chai tea by blending a rich, earthy, dark oolong rather than the traditional black tea base.  We dialed back the sharp chai spices like cardamom, black pepper, and cloves, while adding extra cinnamon (because, why not?), with a final addition of coconut palm sugar which brings perfect balance to the cup. Who's it for? This one is for the multi-tasker who needs to take time for themselves to re-connect with their spirit.  Although it doesn’t happen overnight, you are achieving and maintaining a work-life balance, and with a cup of Cinnamon Oolong Chai in your hand, you will be confident in your own abilities. Contents: 10 tea bags; makes 20 cups (steep bag up to 2 times) --- More About Embrew Our Founder, Ashley, realized she wanted more tea time (and me-time) and was determined to eliminate the hassle and guesswork of choosing from the infinite types of teas and sweeteners out there, and how to get a perfect brew every time. ---