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Embrew Tea - 5-Flavor Embrew Tea Variety Pack
Embrew Tea

Embrew Tea - 5-Flavor Embrew Tea Variety Pack

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You've been told before that you're indecisive, but really, it's a matter of wanting it all. When there's so much to life, why be stuck with one single choice? It doesn't have to be that way and this variety pack is for you. The one who wants a different tea every time you brew. This is the perfect taster flight of five tea blends in one awesome pack together. Each tea is paired with a touch of craft sweetener already in the bag. You get two sweetened tea bags of each flavor: Cocoa Berry Black, Bourbon Smoked White, Cinnamon Oolong Chai, Lavender Chamomile Kick, and Jasmine Honey Green. Contents: 10 tea bags; two each of five flavors. Makes 20 cups (steep bag up to 2 times) Brew Instructions vary depending on tea blend.